You can never have too many friends, they'd say.
But I am the kind who never goes out of the
comfort zone to challenge a new environment,
so I look at the handful of the people I am
immensely familiar with, and gaze. We were
innocent and unknowing of what is bound
to happen to us once we connect and never
break away. There were happy moments where
everything was about pointless laughter and
crinkled twinkling eyes, vibes so upbeat
and alive. There were depressing days where
we'd argue and quarrel to the point of ignoring
each other or even talking behind backs.
By the end of the day, we'd all reconcile
with unsaid words of "sorry" hanging in the
air on purpose for we know that the more
rocky our roads are, the more we are able
to comprehend each other and become much
closer than ever. When I look at them
again today, I can't help but to just smile
at them until they'd ask me whether I'm
spacing out again because I've been doing
that alone, swimming in my own thoughts, whilst
they've been busy whining over the piling
assignments laid out on our base-camp table. I want to
walk a long path with them where we can
be together for a lifetime. It really doesn't
matter if my number of companions are not
as plenty as others for I don't really do a whole load
of social media, but if they're still able to live
life with the exact same smiles they are
donning right now, then I'm satisfied. For the
first time in a while, I am thanking them for
being this beautiful thing called "friends", and
I truly wish them very blessed lives ahead.