Today, I mistook the
word "moth" for "mosque"
and my classmate
bricked my head
for good because he
knew that, as the days
pass by, my brain is
beginning to deteriorate.
I did not even let
him comment on how
forgetful I have been
because I know it
myself. The rest of my
friends try to confirm
my sanity by fishing
my cheerful personality
back, but I felt numb.
A couple of
them gave me a carton
of my favourite French Vanilla
iced coffee in order
to lift me up once again.
I quietly realise that
I've been drowning in
my thoughts too
deep, so when
my senior gave my
shoulder a pat and
a hug that can rival
all sorts of warmth
in the world, I just know
that I am not
alone and that better
days are probably about to
be served on a china
plate just for me.


Everyone agrees that he is a
lunatic; the living epitome of
losing one's mind. He would
crawl on the cold tiles
submissively, wild midnight hair
sprawled in all sorts of directions,
blank eyes bloodshot and
blinking every second, eyelids strewn in
crimson and kohl. His
tanned skin was caressed
by torn jeans and an
even tattered straitjacket, an
alias to his seemingly unstable
sanity. But they were his
props to express his feelings of
being trapped in a
kaleidoscopic confusion; he wants
to be free from the
overdosing amount of possession
he is strained with, but he is
simultaneously addicted to the
feeling of being severely loved,
everyday craving for
more affinity while struggling
to tear the malicious
hunger apart. He is addicted,
addicted, addicted. He wants
to stop but he'll suffocate
if he does. Like the living
Le Sacre Du Printemps he
is, he flung his straitjacket
around his torso once
again before he passionately
pirouettes a call
for a doctor.


Laugh as if
you are the merriest
creature in
this universe.
Laugh as if
you have lost
your mind and
won't bother to
look for it.
Laugh as if something
hilarious is definitely
making your day.
Laugh as if you've
never been a victim
of the world's
sadistic deeds.
Laugh as if you've
never done anything
wrong in the past.
Laugh as if
you are shameless
and you want
others to look at
you laughing so that
they will laugh
along with you.
Laugh as if it
is the only thing
you can ever do.
Laugh as if
your entire life
depends on it.
Laugh as if you
are the only happy
virus who can
even make the
clouds up in the
sky laugh.
Laugh, simply.


Sometimes, it's
awesome to
be reckless.
Doing things as if
you're the
only one existing
in this big
bad world
with no one to
judge whoever
or whatever the
heck you are.
Being yourself
without having to
be frowned
upon as you
learn to
sharpen that one
unique character of
yours. Becoming
someone you've
always dreamt of
being like the
skies are only
a doorstep
away from your
grasp. However,
the big
bad world does not
run that way.
So, either you have
to abide
by the rules or
plummet down
in your fantasy.