"You seem bored all the time."
Let's be real, I couldn't agree less.
I'm not exactly bored too,
I always knew that something is missing.
Every days have no schedule,
every days have no prior plans.
Every days are flawless
and perfect
and I am always thankful for them.
Waking up, eating, attending classes,
hanging out with the squad,
interacting with people,
lots and lots of praying,
dreaming and hoping,
smiling, laughing,
mourning, frowning,
reading books, writing out thoughts,
watching Studio Ghibli movies,
go shopping with the
prettiest girls on the block,
taking showers and lifetime baths,
cuddling cats, more praying and wishing,
contemplating things, sleeping.
Everything and everyone I see everyday are the
same old kinds, the same old stuffs, the same
old friends and families, the same old.
They're monotonous and constant and stable,
and yet I want more.
I don't want rocky roads or rollercoaster rides,
I want more sparks to the fire,
more stars and clouds on my night and day skies,
I just want more.
I am in desperate need of someone completely new,
who has no absolute connections
to the people I know
for so long, who will completely
sweep me off my feet
by surprise, who will effortlessly
scrape me off the concrete,
who has the ability
to show me something different
and something I have never experienced before.
I just want to find that
missing chip of puzzle
and use it to improve myself as a person,
use it for other people's benefits,
use it to help myself
and help others,
use it not merely as a stepping stone to success
but as a chance to experience
an experience.
Will you help me look for it, too?
Pretty please?