A whole array of
cupcakes were sold
for a voluntary project,
and each of them
were decorated prettily.
One of them, though,
was a little too petite
and a little too
Your cupcake was
a dark one with no
sugar or fruits slipped
in between to
emphasize your sultry
melting chocolate voice.
The aqua
sprinkles and the glittering
vanilla frosting
reflected your calm facade
which contrasted your
radiant determination and passion.
Since it was the smallest
and the purest
cupcake in the display,
it stood out ironically.
Tons of people would
admire its simplicity for
very long minutes; they'd
praise it, and some of
them were even dying to
buy it from me, but I
told them that they
couldn't have it, let alone
buy it. I told them
that it was mine,
and mine alone. The
beautiful little innocent cupcake
which stood out
on the display
is mine.