You are not flabby.
What caused
you to think of
yourself like that?
Be glad that
you don't, at
least, look malnourished,
and that you
look healthy with just
the right amount of
slim. I like the way
your fingers have
very strong holds or
the way your veins
would jut out when
you flex them. They're
not stubby and short,
shut up.
You need to
stop that shoulder-patting
habit of yours. Don't
let anyone shove
nonsense about your
seemingly-narrow shoulders
because they are
not; they compliment
your petit figure
just fine. You
may have a baby-like
face which endlessly gets
teased, but you
do know that your
mindset is the
maturest of them
all, don't you?
The amount of
determination you contain
would pour out of
you, as if you'd be
chained if you
don't let it show,
and I love that; it
makes your doe
eyes sparkle and
it energizes your
body like showers of
fairy dust.
No, you need to
stop being so conscious
about your arms
and legs. If
anything, they are
much longer and slimmer
than mine. And if
you're gonna rant
about your height, then
you need to keep mine
in mind for
you are very much a
head taller than
me. You're just right;
you got the perfect
proportions of
everything, and if
this is not convincing
enough for you,
then I'll say all of
this to you again
and again until you
realise how much of a
stunning being
you are and until you
can remember every
single words
by heart.