Take out your
baskets, fill them
up with salami sandwiches
and chopped fruits,
don't forget to
bring an oversized
tatami mat or two
with matching
blankets and umbrellas,
keep your shades
and joy intact
because we're all gonna
go on a
ride and throw all of
the anvils on your
shoulders behind.
Let the kind
sunshine kiss away
those furrowing eyebrows
and the obvious
scowl on your faces,
with the erratic breeze
clearing out all
of the jabbing thoughts
in your mind. Put your
chin up and look!
Look at the vast
expanse of clean blue
in the sky and smile,
smile as if it makes
you soar back to life,
smile as if
nothing can stop you
from everything 
you dream of;
breathe the day 
in, and get wasted.