Time has long gone drifted by
and it's been forever since
I land here again to share little bits
of what I think are right and wrong.
I don't think I'll linger here anymore
because I have found my 
bearings once again.
On my own, I know where
I'm going and I know what
I'm doing, and I'm taking
absolute responsibility for my actions
and spoken thoughts.
I'll leave this up to here,
and I don't know when I'll come back,
but when I do,
you may or may not
expect me to change my mindset
in the things revolving around us
because this is who I am
and I'll keep it this way
until both you and I are sick of it.
Thank you for reading my
poured statements
and I'm always sorry if
my words stabbed you hard
somewhere deep within.
Just like you, I am imperfect
and I make mistakes anytime
and anywhere, but I
reflect and I try to be better.
It's been a lovely journey here
and I'm so glad to be able to
experience this world for so long.
I am alive,
I am well,
and I am happy.
Until then, take care
and goodbye.