You cannot tell a girl off after she bought her very first two pairs of Tempos. She had worn it during
the daylight and night, conscious, restless and a little bit ashamed. But for the first time in a while, she
had been very confident, ultimately sure, and obviously proud of something she always think she
lacks and dislikes. You cannot scold her without knowing the reason why she suddenly bought them
without your (or anyone else's) consent. She had been sick of her own insecurities, and if she tells you
this, you cannot claim her statement as something idiotic or childish because you never know how it
feels to be thigh-shamed ever since her childhood. You never know because you don't even care about
it; you never know because she never tells you about it. Why not? She knows that you'll think they're
stupid and that she's been self-centered. It's never wrong to be self-centered about self-esteem once in a
while, and yet you, as someone who is so close and so dear for her, never tell her this because you
always think it's irrelevant. But it actually is because you never know how she once had severe suicidal
thoughts and yet she never tells you this (as ever) because she's sorry for you. The Tempos didn't do
her wrong; she never wore it anywhere but her own sanctuary, and she found love in the hatred she has
for her own body. You never know because all you (and everyone else) can ever think of is how
free-spirited she is and that she doesn't know how to take care of herself. Yes, it's true. She doesn't
because nobody teaches her how to love her own body the way it is. It's sad because it's usually
someone as important as you who would encourage others like her to love themselves. This is
something you always do; you'd scold her and get furious at her when she sometimes does things you
(and everyone else) dislike, but you never try to find out the reasons why she did them. She didn't do
them out of blind thirst; she did them to let go of her insecurities. She's teaching herself things which
you (and everyone else) never do because she knows that you (and everyone else) will never teach her
a thing since they're deemed unimportant and time-wasting.  It lasted for only three days and three
nights, halted by hushed malicious whispers behind her back and a lot more nonsensical scolding from
you, but she had been the happiest and the most confident then. You (and everyone else) obviously
don't know this, but her Tempos literally saved her sanity and life.