I went through several
Instagrams belonging to my
friends, and their hundreds
of photo collections fascinated
me. Some of them were
jumping by the beach,
some of them were chilling
out at certain cafes,
some of them were
abroad to study as exchange
students, some of them
were rehearsing for their
next plays, and some of
them were just being
couch potatoes at home,
posing photos with their
lunch meals or their bowls
of decorated ice-creams.
They are all bright people
with positive minds and
productive timelines. Unlike
me, they have interesting
lives and they are nothing
more than just being happy;
as if nothing in the
world can stop them from
being joyous, from being
cheerful, and just being
downright themselves.
I look at their photos
once again, and even if I
am not as happy as them,
I am happy to see
them live happier lives than me.