It's been a while since a grand responsibility is handed over to me. Today's progressive meeting about
our major's very-first national competition for schools all over the nation gave me a serious insight of
how to become part of a job. I glanced at myself from five years ago, who used to shamelessly
underestimate event organizers. I used to think that organizing an event is as easy as picking out clothes
or setting up a dinner table because I was never involved in the organizing process. Being part of the
organizers is definitely not an easy task as I used to believe before, and the intensive debate we threw at
each other tonight sent me chills; the kind of chills which excite me and set me on a certain overdrive.
To be able to directly share ideas and question ambiguous suggestions in the midst of a round table was
quite an experience, and this is obviously new since the context is college students (aka those people
you should never mess with). The discussion rounds make me want to strive harder for a good position
as an acceptable member of this newfound circle. I'm starting to not care if I'm flunking my grades little
by little because of this national event we're trying to organize; I only live once, and it's not everyday I
can get a free pass to pour out my sudden passion towards something as new as this.