Today, I mistook the
word "moth" for "mosque"
and my classmate
bricked my head
for good because he
knew that, as the days
pass by, my brain is
beginning to deteriorate.
I did not even let
him comment on how
forgetful I have been
because I know it
myself. The rest of my
friends try to confirm
my sanity by fishing
my cheerful personality
back, but I felt numb.
A couple of
them gave me a carton
of my favourite French Vanilla
iced coffee in order
to lift me up once again.
I quietly realise that
I've been drowning in
my thoughts too
deep, so when
my senior gave my
shoulder a pat and
a hug that can rival
all sorts of warmth
in the world, I just know
that I am not
alone and that better
days are probably about to
be served on a china
plate just for me.